Institut d'Égypte
Institute of Egypt


Founding of the Society
Authority / Notes

According to Institut de France (1995), p.124, on 1798, August 22, less than two months after landing at Alexandria, the young Buonaparte, member of the Institut de France, and general in chief, who had taken with him some famous scholars and young enthusiasts, set up in Cairo the Institut d'Égypte, which was charged with the research, study and publication of physical, industrial and historical facts about Egypt.

The Brtitish victory compelled the members of the Institut d'Égypte in June 1801 to return to France (Institut de France (1995), p.124). But the Institut de France had already on 1800, January 25, decided to allow members of the Institut d'Égypte to attend sessions of the Classes of the Institut de France. This appears to have ended the formal existence of the Institut d'Égypte, although for several years afterward, scholars who had previously been members of the Institut d'Égypte continued to publish findings that stemmed from their activities as members of that body.

From 1809-1828, the first edition of the following publication appeared (at first under the Imperial imprint): Description de l'Egypte : ou recueil des observations et des recherches, qui ont été faites en Egypte pendant l'expédition de l'armie française / Publ. par les ordres de Sa Maj. l'Empereur Napoleon le Grand [found in various copies of varying numbers of volumes: often at least 9 volumes of text, and 10 volumes of plates] (Bibliot. Nat. France cat.) NOTE: Although the bibliographic description does not refer to the Institut d'Égypte, it seems likely that a significant amount of the information in this publication must have been gathered by members of the Institut d'Égypte.

There is also a present-day society named Institut d'Égypte that was founded in 1918. This present-day society was preceded by a society named Institut Egyptien founded at least as early as 1859. The entry for this present-day society in the Saur World Guide gives its founding date as 1798, indicating that the current society considers the 1798-1801 society its ultimate predecessor.

Seat of the Society
Authority / Notes
This location is supported by the name authority record in the Bibliot. Nat. France cat., which indicates that this society was founded by Napoleon Bonaparte in Cairo during the French Expedition to Egypt of 1798.
Name of the Society
1798 - 1801 Institut d'Égypte Online catalogues (e.g. Univ. Chicago cat.).
Journals of the Society
Full Journal Title
(published 1800 - 1803)
(v.1 - v.4)
Mémoires sur l'Egypte publiés pendant les campagnes du général Bonaparte dans les années VI et VII

The record in the Bibliot. Nat. France cat. contains the following note: "Ce sont les premiers mémoires présentés à l'Institut d'Egypte, au Caire. Le vol. contient la liste des membres de l'Institut et le précis des séances et des travaux de l'Institut, de la lère séance, 6 fructidor an 6 [23 août 1798] au 11 frimaire an 7 [1er décembre 1798]"

The record in the Harvard Univ. cat. indicates that this was published in 4 volumes from 1800 to 1803.

Scudder #1393a lists a Mémoires for the Institut d'Egypte in 4 vols. published 1800 - 1804; this is probably the same thing.

Indexed Reuss & Pogg.

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Mem. sur l'Egypte
[Reuss, v.4, p.25
cites p.132 (no volume number);
v.4, p.250
cites T.2; v.8, p.65
cites T.1 & T.3; v.8, p.188
cites T.4.]
Mém. sur l'Egypte
[Pogg, v.1, col.45 cites pp.23 & 223.]
Memoires sur l'Egypte
[Reuss, v.1, p.64
cites p.223 (no volume number)]
1799 - 1800
(v.1 - v.3)
La Décade Egyptienne, Journal Littéraire et d'Économie Politique

Full-text of An VII (T.1) to An VIII (T.3) is available at Gallica: la bibliothèque numerique.

The Univ. Calif. cat. includes the note: "Organ of the Institut d'Egypte".

[Harvard Univ. cat.; Univ. Calif. cat.]

1798? - 1801?
Restitution des comptes rendus des séances / Premier Institut d'Égypte

[texte établi et présenté par] Jean-Édouard Goby. (published 1987 in 129 p.)

Although published long after the fact, and not a journal proper, this evidently provides information about the sessions of this short-lived society.

Both the Harvard Univ. cat. and the Univ. Chicago cat. give the title as: Premier Institut d'Egypte : restitution des comptes rendus des séances .

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