Associazione Agraria Subalpina
Subalpine Agricultural Association


Founding of the Society
Authority / Notes
1842 - 1866

Giva & Spadoni (2000), p.74, gives the date of approval of the constitution of the Association as 1842, August 25. It also refers to the Association as the Associazione Agraria Subalpina. It should be noted, however, that the name in its first publication, the Gazzetta, is shortened to Associazione Agraria.

Giva & Spadoni (2000), p.74 divides the life of the Association into three periods. The first period, 1842-1848, was the most energetic period of the Association. The second period, 1850-1857, ran from 1850, the date of the reconstitution of the Association to the year of cessation of its Giornale. The third period, 1858-1866, ran from the period of fervor associated with national unity up to the date of the constitution of the official agricultural commisions ("comizi agrari") through the Royal Decree of 1866, December 23, which marked the failure of the attempt by the subalpine Association to nationalize its own structure and to present itself as the representative of the interests of agriculture in a united Italy.

According to Giva & Spadoni (2000), pp.82-83, after the Royal Decree of 1866, the Association merged into the Comizio Agraria di Torino, which had been founded in 1867.

Seat of the Society
Authority / Notes
This location is supported by Giva & Spadoni (2000), p.64.
Name of the Society
1842 - 1848 Associazione Agraria Subalpina Giva & Spadoni (2000), p.74 gives this name and start date; the name appears to be a longer version of the name used in its first publication, the Gazzetta, which ran from 1843 - 1848.
1843 - 1848 Associazione Agraria Its publications.
1850 - 1860 Associazione Agraria degli Stati Sardi Its publications.
1861 - 1865 Associazione Agraria del Regno [di Torino] Its publications.
Journals of the Society
Full Journal Title
1843 - 1848

Gazzetta della Associazione Agraria

Giva & Spadoni (2000), p.75 makes it clear that this is a publication of the Associazione Agraria Subalpina, and that its first number appeared on 1843, April 6.

[Cat. Ital. Per. (ACNP)]

1850 - 1856 (vol. I - VII)

Giornale della Associazione Agraria degli Stati Sardi

The record in the Cat. Ital. Per. (ACNP) gives holdings only for 1850 - 1854. Giva & Spadoni (2000), p.77, footnote 34 refers to vol. I for 1850; Giva & Spadoni (2000), p.80, footnote 47 refers to a vol. VII for 1856.

[Cat. Ital. Per. (ACNP)]

1858 - 1860 (Vol. 1 - 3)

L'Economia Rurale : giornale dell'Associazione Agraria degli Stati Sardi : giornale della Societa Orto-agricola : organo ufficiale della R. Accademia d'Agricoltura di Torino

The record in the Univ. Milano cat. indicates that the description was based on Anno 2, vol. 2, n. 1 (10 gennaio 1859), but does not give any holdings. Giva & Spadoni (2000), p.80, footnote 49 refers to vol. I, 1858 of this journal; p.80, footnote 50 refers to vol. III, 1860.

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[Univ. Milano cat.]

1861, gennaio 10 - 1865, dicembre 25 (Fasc. 1 - fasc. 24)

L'Economia Rurale e il Repertorio d'Agricoltura Riuniti : giornale dell'Associazione Agraria del Regno : organo della R. Accademia d'Agricoltura di Torino

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[Univ. Milano cat.]