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Archival Copies of the Original Scholarly Societies Project
Why Are We providing Links to the Original Edition of the Scholarly Societies Project
Because Archives are Important he short answer is that keeping archival copies of work is important. We also understand that some people may want to access the original edition, even though three-quarters of the links have broken since 2011 (when the Project collapsed), and the search engine no longer works either.
The Copy of the Data Set at
Features of the copy of the Data Set at he copy of the data set at presents various problems. Chief among them is that the publisher had monetized it so highly that the clutter of advertisements on every page in the Project is so distracting that it is hard to read many of the pages. There are also inexplicable problems with internal links, as well as some display problems suggesting that some critical files had not been transferred to the publisher.

Here is a link to the data set at You will immediately notice the multitude of advertisements the moment that you click on this link.

A Copy of the Data Set at the Wayback machine
Features of the copy of the Data Set on the Wayback Machine ome of you may not be familiar with an amazing resource, called the Wayback Machine, which is located at It has been crawling the Internet since 1996 (May 10) and has archived an astonishing amount data found on the Internet at certain points in time. As one might expect, this Project had been archived at many points in time by the Wayback Machine after the Editor froze the data set, but before it was transferred to - one result being that the copies on the Wayback Machine are pretty much equivalent to the original - but the retrieval time is sometimes lamentably slow - sometimes as long as a full minute to retrieve a copy of a large file.

The Wayback Machine maintains many archival copies of the first edition. An up-to-date crawl (2014-03-28) prior to the 2015 transfer to is located at: All the pages are easy to read, but none of the URLs there have been updated.


Published 2024, February 13
Revised 2024, March 31
Jim Parrott, Editor
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