Naturforschende Gesellschaft zu Jena
Natural Science Society in Jena


Founding of the Society
Authority / Notes
According to Ziche (2002), p.109, this Society was founded on 1793, July 14. The GBV German Union cat. includes a record for the following title: Nachricht von der Gründung einer naturforschenden Gesellschaft zu Jena am 14ten July 1793 nebst den dabey gehaltnen Reden, den Statuten der Gesellschaft, und dem Verzeichnisse ihrer Mitglieder / [A. J. G. C. Batsch] dated 1793.

Ziche (2002), p.109 notes that up to 1802, the Society operated as a private insitution under the leadership of the Jena Professor August Johann Georg Batsch, but from 1802 onward it was under the direct influence of the government in Weimar. Ziche (2002) also notes that from 1804 to his death, the president of the Society was Johann Wolfgang von Goethe (1749-1832).

According to Ziche (2002), pp.128-129, there was a deterioration in the support for the Society from the early 1820s onward.

According to Ziche (2002), p.129, in 1850, after the death of the last administrator, F.S. Voigt, the last possessions of the Society, in particular the Library that was still privately maintained, were integrated into the possessions of the University.

Ziche (2002), p.129 goes on to say that the Medizinisch-Naturwissenschaftliche Gesellschaft zu Jena, which was founded in 1853, can in retrospect be considered the continuation of the Society.

Seat of the Society
Authority / Notes
This location is supported by the name of the Society.
Name of the Society
1793 - 1802 Naturforschende Gesellschaft zu Jena Its publications.
Journals of the Society
Full Journal Title
1.1794 - 8/9.1801/02[?]
Nachricht von dem Fortgange der Naturforschenden Gesellschaft zu Jena

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