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Founding of the Society
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According to its website (), the Society was founded in 1838. In 1840 it was granted its Royal Charter by HRH Queen Victoria, and so became the Royal Agricultural Society of England.

According to a webpage that is entitled Department details: MAF: Records created or inherited by the Agriculture, Fisheries and Food Departments, and of related bodies and is located at the National Archives (UK) Catalogue:

"The origins of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food may be traced to a chartered society, the Board of Agriculture. This body was formed in 1793, dissolved in 1822, and then revived as the English Agricultural Society in 1838 (renamed the Royal Agricultural Society of England in 1840), and inspired the Tithe Commutation Act 1836, the Copyhold Act 1841, and the Inclosure Act 1845. The Copyhold, Inclosure and Tithe Commissioners, who administered the machinery set up by these and subsequent Acts, were merged in 1882 in a body of Land Commissioners for England operating under the auspices of the Home Office. In 1889, responsibility passed to the newly formed Board of Agriculture, which also took over the functions of the Agricultural Department of the Privy Council Office."

The webpage referred to directly above goes on to discuss the formation of the "Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food" from the new "Board of Agriculture" (formed 1889). What is interesting for us here is the fact that the passage above mentions an antecedent society, the old Board of Agriculture (1793-1822), and also indicates that the Royal Agricultural Society of England was founded as the English Agricultural Society in 1838.

Seat of the Society
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Name of the Society
1838 - 1840 English Agricultural Society The National Archives (UK) Catalogue establishes the start date of this name. The RASE website () gives the start date of the next name.
1840 - Royal Agricultural Society of England The RASE website
() gives the start date of this name.
Royal Agricultural Society of England
Journals of the Society
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1840 - 1864 (Vol.1 - v.25);
1865 - 1889 (2nd ser. v.1 - v.25);
1890 - (3rd ser. v.1 -)

Journal of the Royal Agricultural Society of England

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