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Chronological List of Early Independent Journals

This area is concerned with "independent journals" - that is, with journals that were not published by scholarly societies. In point of fact, in the early years of their existence, the independent journals served primarily as a vehicle for reviewing works of original reseach that were located in monographs or in the journals published by scholarly societies.

The bulk of the abbreviations of these independent journals were located through perusal of the first few hundred pages of Band 1 of Pogg..

Last Updated: 2024, March 28


Journal Run
Journal History
Journal Abbreviations
1.1710 - 40.1740
1.1773 - 43.1790
Giornale de'Letterati d'Italia [1.1710 - 40.1740]

Continued by Nuovo Giornale de'Letterati d'Italia [1.1773 - 43.1790]

Giorn. de Lett.
[Pogg., v.1, col.159 cites T.XX; T. XXIX - in both cases referring to an article by Nicolaus Bernouilli and Iacopo Riccati on the "problema inverso delle forze centrali." An article entitled Il calcolo in Italia indicates that this work appeared in the journal Giornale de' Letterati d'Italia.]
Giorn. de' Letterati
[Pogg., v.1, col.77 cites T. VIII; the author, Giuseppi Averani, lived from 1662-1738; the article cited was entitled "Esperienze fatte collo specchio ustorio" The full title of the journal in which this article appeared was Giornale de' Letterati d'Italia according to an article by Roberto Vergara Caffarelli.]
Giorn. di Lett.
[Pogg., v.1, col.481 cites articles by Domenico Corradi d'Austria (1680-1756, living in Modena) in T. VIII; XIV; XXIII.]