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Sources of the Journal Title Abbreviations in the Repertorium Veterrimarum Societatum Litterariarum
Introductory Remarks
  Initial T, Ornatehis area is intended to indicate which sources were employed in locating journal title abbreviations that were roughly contemporaneous with the journal publications themselves.
A Brief Chronology In 1999, when work began on the Repertorium Veterrimarum Societatum Litterariarum, initially the source of abbreviations was the one designated below as Reuss, a particularly rich source for the 18th century publications.

Within a year or so, regular use was also made of the tool designated below by RSLC, indispensible for 19th century science journals.

In 2004, only a few hours of work were required with the tool designated below as Poole, which yielded abbreviations for only two society journals (Archaeologia and the Journal of the Society of Arts ).

In mid-July of 2004, a systematic effort was begun to gather and expand a representative sample of the abbreviations used in v.1 & v.2 of the tool designated below as Pogg. Only about the first 100 pages have been thoroughly documented.

In June of 2005, the search engine of the JSTOR archive of old journals was used to find journal-title abbreviations occurring in the journal literature itself.

The Sources and the Degree of Coverage for Each
Scope of Source
Key in
Abbrevs. Covered in the Repertorium
Old Journals Old journals from 1665 onward.
A selection of abbrevations located using the search engine to the JSTOR edition.
Pogg., v.1 Society and non-society journals in the exact sciences up to 1857.
About the first 100 pages from v.1 have been thoroughly analyzed for both society and non-society journals.
Poole 19th c. American & British journals, mostly non-society
Abbrevs. for the two society journals that Poole covers.
Reuss 17th & 18th c. society journals in all subjects
A high proportion of abbrevs. are covered.
RSLC 19th c. journals, both society & non-society in science
Only abbrevs. for the society journals are covered.


First Published 2004, September 14
Modified 2024, January 17
Jim Parrott, Editor
Repertorium Veterrimarum Societatum Litterariarum
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