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Founding of the Society
Authority / Notes
According to the Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen website, the Society was founded in 1789, and to some extent functioned as a private university. We further read that, shortly after the Society acquired in 1804 a couple of important collections, the newly formed state museum arranged to take over all the collections of the Society, and the Society was effectively dissolved. This suggests a likely cessation date of 1804 or 1805.

The Københavns Rådhusbibliotek website, reviews an article (Holme Andersen, Jan & Jakobsen, Tove B.: Røgt og pleje. In: Skalk 1998. Nr. 5, pp.20-28.) indicating that the article is about the Naturhistorie Selskabet, founded in 1789, and its merger in 1805 with Det Kongelige Naturhistoriske Museum.

Seat of the Society
Authority / Notes
This location is supported by Scudder #630a.
Name of the Society
1789 - 1804 or 1805 Naturhistorie-Selskabet Københavns Rådhusbibliotek website and Zoological Museum, University of Copenhagen website.
Journals of the Society
Full Journal Title
1790/91 - 1810[?]
(Bind 1 - Bind 6)
Skrivter af Naturhistorie-Selskabet

The GBV German Union cat. record follows the cessation date of 1810 by a question mark, indicating uncertainty; the Libris: Swedish Union cat. record does not.

It is not clear whether Bind 6 included material written past the merger of the Society with the Museum in 1805. It is certainly conceivable that it included material written only before the merger, but that there was a significant delay in publication.

Translated in part into German in A1.

Indexed Reuss & Pogg. & RSLC

[GBV German Union cat.; Libris: Swedish Union cat.; Scudder #630a]

Kiöbenhavn, Skriv. Nat. Selsk.
[RSLC, v.1, p.xliii.]
Naturhist. Selsk. Skrivter
[Reuss, v.4, p.26 cites Bind 2.]
Skr. af Naturhist. Selsk.
[Pogg, v.1, col.5 cites Bd. II.]
Skrifter af Naturhist. Selskabet
[Reuss, v.2, p.10 cites Bind 2.]
Skrivter af Naturh. Selskabet
[Science, New Series, Vol. 7, No. 160 (Jan., 1898), p.99 cites II, 1793.]
Skrivter af Naturhist. Selskabet
[Reuss, v.1, p.52 cites Bind 2 and Bind 3; v.1, p.107 cites Bind 4.]
Skrivter af Naturhistorie Selskabet
[Reuss, v.1, p.90 cites Bind 2.]
(Band 1)
Schriften der Naturforschenden Gesellschaft zu Kopenhagen

A German translation of part of A.

Scudder.html #629a indicates that this first and only Band was issued in Abth.1-2, and also that this was a translation from the Danish of A.

Indexed Reuss

[GBV German Union cat.; Scudder.html #629a]

Schriften der Naturforsch. Gesellschaft zu Kopenhagen
[Reuss, v.1, p.119 cites B.1, Abtheil.1.]